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Stapylton Campground – Partial Closure

Stapylton Campground has been partially closed as a precautionary measure due to small pieces of cement sheeting containing asbestos being found. The closure is on initial advice from soil contaminant experts. As asbestos is involved, the closure will remain in place until a further assessment can be undertaken by the experts, early in the new year. This assessment will then inform a longer term management of the issue.The section containing the small pieces of sheeting has been temporarily fenced off and the rest of the campground is still accessible. The advice is that in its present state, the sheeting is stable and poses little risk to the rest of the campground.

These remains of asbestos sheeting are from an old house that used to be on the site. The house was demolished and the sheeting containing asbestos was removed under the guidelines at the time for handling asbestos. While the majority of the demolition material was removed there was the risk that residual pieces would resurface over time. Please follow the warning signs and don’t camp or enter the closed off area. The link to the map showing the area affected can be accessed here.Map – Stapylton Asbestos Area – 2 I will keep you updated on progress with the assessment.

Other campgrounds you can access in the area are:

•    Troopers Creek – Approx 16km away •    Plantation Campground – Approx 32 km way •    Smiths Mill Campground – Approx 38 km away •    Bush camping sites are also available on Coppermine Track, North of Troopers Creek Campground, opposite Golton Gorge Picnic area on Golton South Track.

PLEASE NOTE: No fires are permitted in bush camps and no facilities are provided (no toilets, picnic tables, no water).

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