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Human Waste

The way we manage human waste is a major contributing factor to our environmental impact. If not disposed of properly, it can contaminate water sources, spread disease and draw the ire of land managers. 

Solid Tips for Human Waste management

Always prioritise established toilets. Most climbers will factor in a morning dropoff before a day of sendage. 


Carry it out - invest $5 in a Wag Bag. This is 100% preferred solution for a Leave No Trace ethic - get on it!


​Bury it properly and carry out your TP. Deets below. Here's a great example of kit to have in your pack:

  • Small shovel (such as the Pocket Trowel)

  • Toilet paper.

  • x2 zip-lock bags for sealing and carrying out toilet paper.

  • Hand sanitizer.

Demonstration / Burying Your Poop

The video below from the Appalachian Trail Leave No Trace campaign gives a perfect overview of best practice for pooping in the bush. A few key points:


  • Use an area at least 60 metres from a water source, trail, campsite or crag.

  • Dig a hole at least 15 - 20cm deep.

  • Pack out your TP or use as little as possible and bury in the cat hole. All TP is biodegradable, but some take longer than others and contain harmful chemicals that will be released into the ground. A good, simple way to pack it out is with one ziplock bag then placed into another for extra security. Once you start packing it out you'll never go back!

  • Pour some water on it to help break down faster.

  • Make sure you rebury firmly. It should look like you were never there.
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