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Fixed Protection

Fixed protection means permanent anchors that are installed on rock faces for ascent or descent. Knowing how to recognize good vs. bad anchors is essential for staying safe in the outdoors. Equally, understanding park rules and local ethics around use of bolts is of utmost importance in protecting the environment and preserving access.


Photo: Lachlan Gardiner

Safety and Usage Tips for Bolts
  • Top-rope through your own gear, such as two opposed quickdraws, to reduce unnecessary wear. 

  • Do not blindly trust bolts - are there any signs of damage, wear, rust, corrosion, unsafe protrusion, etc.? 

  • Report bolts that look unsafe either to CliffCare, log a comment on theCrag, or known route developers in the community. Photos are helpful. 

  • Never clip wiregates or small carabiners to removable bolt plates on carrots bolts, they are designed for larger carabiners.

Additional Resources

The Victorian Climbing Club Bolting and Fixed Protection Policy, 2018. 

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