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CliffCare Report May 2021

Hi All,

Parks Victoria now require all volunteers to have a Working with Children check - this applies to all volunteers. PV also expects that all volunteers register with ParkConnect regardless of being a member of any club or volunteer program.

Steven has requested information in regards to their sign up on the day sheet. It appears that, even if a volunteer turns up on the day with a Working with Children card, the card has to be verified prior to the volunteer being able to work. This can be done via the internet almost immediately if there is a service available. If multiple people show up on the day and there is a service available it will still take some time to process.

Steven has written to Leesa Riley, PV State Wide Volunteering Manager, to clarify and is currently awaiting a response.

As for any volunteer works being conducted in the immediate future, this is unlikely, but we will be lodging works for the Central Gully track realignment (Dyurite) and another one for The Watchtower near Halls Gap on the ParkConnect site via the CliffCare page. All such works will require a cultural heritage assessment before they proceed. Our understanding is that such an assessment has already been undertaken for The Watchtower, given that it is listed as a Designated Climbing Area in the draft Greater Grampians Landscape Management Plan. The proposed realigned bottom section of the Central Gully track still awaits a CH assessment.


Steven Wilson and Kevin Lindorff

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