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With more and more people discovering the joy of climbing outdoors - our community has the potential to be a powerful force for environmental preservation and stewardship through easy, small behaviours that reduce our footprint and that of other park users.

The ethos of best practice for environmental impact can be distilled down to the following:

To leave an area in either the same or a better state to how we found it.

This means having a strong knowledge and awareness of the subjects below, and leading by example. Everyone has the capacity to be a part of the solution. Think global, act local.

Code of Conduct anchor

Photo: Lachlan Gardiner

Lead by Example



Essential skills every boulderer should know and pass on to others when climbing outdoors.

Pack It Out

Facts about waste in the precious environments we climb, and strategies to employ on every visit. 

Cultural Heritage

Respecting and preserving Australia's unique cultural heritage needs to be one of our highest priorities.

Human Waste

Everything you need to know about when you need to 'go' in the bush.


Some tips for minimising the effect of chalk in our climbing environments.

Fixed Protection

Essential info to know on the use of fixed protection in Victoria. 

Climbing in Groups

Heading out with a crew? Take a moment to consider the best approach.


Always parking in the right area will help preserve crag access.

Climbers Tracks

Staying on track will prevent erosion and getting lost - win win!


What does 'best practice' camping look like in Victoria?


Our crags are also home to some beautiful wildlife - let's make sure our actions do not cause them harm.

Park Rules

Be aware of any park restrictions before venturing out - especially if you want to bring your cat!

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