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Camping is part of the overall climbing experience, particularly here in Victoria where the best climbing is an average 4 - 5 hours from Melbourne! Make sure you're aware of some of the local rules for each area.

Essential Skills
  • We love campfires, but they are prohibited in State and National Parks to official campground fireplaces only.

  • Know where you will camp in advance, and book your site if in an official campground.

  • Check local campground rules. At Arapiles, firewood collection is prohibited within the park - BYO.

  • Always pay campground fees. The climbing community has fought hard to keep the cost low at Mount Arapiles, we should honour this agreement by always paying.

  • Bush camping - check with Parks Victoria where bush camping is allowed (see documents below), and if so, only camp in previously cleared areas.

  • Leave no trace of your visit, packing out all of your waste and properly burying or removing human waste.

  • When bush camping, camp at least 25 metres from waterways and 1km from official campgrounds.


Fires in designated metal rings only.

  • Do not drive over vegetation or park on edges of bush, over time it increases the size of the clearing and further compacts the ground.

  • Keep wildlife wild - never feed native animals or leave out food for them to scavenge.

  • Always observe Total Fire Bans.

  • Fires must not be lit anywhere near rock faces - use provided fireplaces only.

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