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Climbing in Groups

Climbing with mates is awesome, the friendly vibes, banter and encouragement makes for a great day out - but it can have the potential to disrupt as well...

Essential Skills
  • Be mindful of noise in any given situation. It's super important for leaders and belayers to hear one another clearly. 

  • Same with music. Most people prefer the live birdsong soundtrack.

  • Consider carpooling when possible. 

  • Try to spread out your group so you're not taking over a single area. 

  • Be respectful and courteous to other park users.

  • Keep your gear organized, not spread it out.

  • Try not to block tracks. 

  • Be mindful of plant life and bushes. 

  • Remember to pack out all of your's and other's litter before leaving. 

  • Drones are illegal in State and National Parks without express permission.
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