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Mt Arapiles Campground Repair Project – Pines Revegetation June 11th, 2017

Updated: May 9, 2019

Preparing the tree guards. All 100 of them

Saturday 11th June saw approximately 30 volunteers rock up to the Pines campground at Mt Arapiles to plant out 100 young trees and shrubs – 80 of which were grown from seed collected from the area, by Ollie Sherlock. Ollie ran a VCC trip that weekend and recruited helpers from the trip for a couple of hours before they headed out climbing. A number of locals turned up. Louise Shepherd who runs Friends of Arapiles was there to help guide some of the planting and put her digging skills to the harder ground around the Squeeze Test Boulder.

This area was also suggested to help reveg the area and provide a barrier to the cars driving in closer. Zoe Wilkinson and colleagues from Parks Victoria were also on hand to welcome everyone and go over safety briefings and planting advice with volunteers. Many thanks to everyone involved. It’s great to see such a fantastic turnout. I like this quote that Ollie used in his trip invite – An old Greek Proverb says it all: “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

Wendy Eden and Roxanne Wells putting the last finishing touches to a newly planted tree

Wendy Eden and Roxanne Wells putting the last finishing touches to a newly planted tree

Tracey Skinner and Zoe Wilkinson

Mark Gould freshly back from overseas and straight out to the Pines and helping out

Robbie Martin with a hand picked tree

Ollie Sherlock and one of his babies.

Lucy Nicholson, Stuart Harradine, Damien Skurrie and Zoe Wilkinson

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