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Mt Arapiles Campground Host Program

CliffCare Victoria, Friends of Arapiles and Parks Victoria are working on a new collaborative version of the Campground Host Program. I will put up some further info on this over the next week.

The first trial run of this will be from Boxing Day 2011 until New Years 2012 Our campground host will be Lee, who some of you may have met over the years. She is a long time climber, long time Araps visiter, camper, climber and one could possibly say she has earlier dirtbag credentials.

Great lady and think she will definitely be a caring eye for Araps and the campground. She will be there to offer information and guidance on what is available at Araps and the various rules and guidelines that are in place. Hopefully steering some of those who may not know, what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to looking after the area. She is not there to bust any balls, be they male or female or family ones so be open to any information she can offer.

There will also be information available at her tent area, on CliffCare and Friends of Arapiles, and the work they do.

Our meetings and training days with PV have been positive and the manual that we are required to write up for the program has been discussed and worked on by Louise Shepherd and myself. This is expected by both sides to be a work in progress. Lee is keen and available to take on more of the Campground Host stints but if there is anyone that thinks they might be up for it, please drop me a line.

We are aiming at having a host on all the school holidays, long weekends etc. It is not an onerous role but great experience if you are looking for some skills to write up on your CV especially if you are interested in Land and Conservation, Ranger work etc.

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