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Grampians Updates and Planned Burns 9th March 2012

Updated: May 26, 2019

Hiya all, A big bazooka of a post here on the Grampians. Here are the latest Grampians updates. It includes any recent road reopenings, Flood Recovery closures update from PV as well as some info about the planned burns program in the Victoria Range.

Hollow Mountain Walking Track –  reopen Tuesday 5 March The Grampians Flood Recovery crew will be reopening the Hollow Mountain walking track tomorrow after four weeks of construction works.  Crews have installed new timber steps and approximately 400m of the walking track has been ‘lifted’ to reinstate the track surface to above ground level.

Coppermine Road – Reopened Road crews have repaired the large washout on the road between Coppermine bushcamp and Mt Zero Road.

Download the road and track report hereRoad Report -2 Mar 2012

Road & Track Closures • Silverband Road (Silverband Falls Carpark to Sundial Road turnoff) • Glenelg River Road (Boreang Campground to Mt Victory Road) • Stony Creek Road (Rosea Track to Rosea Carpark) • Henham Track • Mitchell Road • Redmans Track • Mount William Picnic Ground Road • Emmetts Road • Mafeking Road • Syphon Road (From Glenelg River Road to Sawmill Track) • Moora Track • Fields Track • Rosea Track • Homestead Track • Oslers Track • Mt Cassel Track • Chinamans Track • Sanders Track

Campground & Site Closures • Bomjinna Campground • Kalymna Falls Picnic Area • Golton Gorge Picnic Area • Zumstein Area

Walking Track Closures • Wonderland Loop (Halls Gap to Wonderland Carpark) • Venus Baths • Splitters Falls • Mount Rosea • MacKenzie Falls River Walk • Zumstein Area (All walks) • Tower Hill • Bomjinna Track (From Bomjinna Campground to Mt William Carpark) • Brownings Loop (Mafeking) • Golton Gorge Loop • Tilwinda Falls • Major Mitchell Plateau • Fortress • Wonderland remote overnight hikes.

You can also download a colour coded map of the open and closed roads 2012-03-09-Recovery-Note-Grampians-National-Park

Grampians National Park PlannedBurn Program 2012

The Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) and Parks Victoria will be commencing its autumn planned burning program in the Grampians National Park during April and May. Planned burns have been scheduled a little later this year because of the dryer weather conditions we have experienced locally. In line with the Wimmera Fire Operations Plan released last September; DSE and Parks Victoria intend to conduct seven separate burns in the Grampians area.  Planned burning is part of an integrated plan to reduce the bushfire risk to people, property and communities.  Please see the attached map of the Grampians that provides all planned burns for this autumn.

Favourable weather conditions largely influence when particular planned burns go ahead.

The final decision around planned burning will be made on the day of the burn and this will be based on the results from the monitoring of the ground and weather conditions.Where possible, DSE and Parks Victoria will provide notification prior to each burn, but it is your responsibility to check the DSE website regularly for planned burns information.

During the burning program, there will be some short term closures of roads, visitor sites and walking tracks for public safety.  The burn areas will stay closed until they are classified as safe. This may be up to a week after a burn. If you are planning a camping or walking trip, it is important that you plan an alternative route in case you need to change your trip at short notice. Some of the areas that will be impacted by closures this planned burning season include:All walking tracks and access within the Victoria Range (including Manja Shelter, the Fortress, Mt Thackeray, Goat Track andVictoria Range Track)

Access to the Red Rock area including all climbing sites

The walking track from Plantation to Mt Difficult, Boronia Walking TrackTerraces Track to Tandara Road and the Griffin Picnic groundTo find out where and when planned burns are happening visit, call the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667 or listen to your local radio station.Information is also available at and for information about fire restrictions, fire bans and fires on private land at

For further information on the Wimmera Planned Burns program contact the Horsham DSE Fire Operations Room on 5362 0720 or visit download an overview of the planned burns see hereGrampians_Overview_23022012

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