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Grampians Road and Track Report – Bundaleer open today!!

Here’s the latest Grampians openings and closures.  Good news is that Bundaleer can now be accessed. Mt Abrumpt is also open.  See the following: You can also download the latest colour coded map here

Mt Abrupt–open Friday 23 December 2011 The Parks Victoria flood recovery crew are very excited to complete works on the Mt Abrupt walking track. This popular walking track in the Southern Grampians, was badly damaged in January 2011 from an enourmous landslide that also caused significant damage to the Grampians Tourist Road. Even though a lot of work has been completed on this track, visitors do need to be aware of the risk of walking in a landslip hazard zone. Parks Victoria recomends that walkers should read the walk description on the attached sheet and to take note of the warning signage along the walking track.

Bundaleer Climbing area – access Stony Creek Road from Glenelg River Road The Bundaleer climbing area will also open on Friday.  Access to this area is along the Stony creek Road  from Glenelg River Road to Rosea track. From the gate there is a 200m walk to the Bundaleer climbs.

Please note that access from the Silverband Road is not available.

Mt Difficult Road – Closed Unfortunately Mt Difficult Road received quite a lot of damage from flash flooding early this week. The road will remain closed  from Boroka lookout to Lake Wartook Picnic area until further notice. Access to Lake Wartook and Boroka Lookout is open.

Road & Track Closures

• Silverband Road (Silverband Falls Carpark to Sundial Road turnoff) • Glenelg River Road (Boreang Campground to Mt Victory Road) • Stony Creek Road (Rosea Track to Rosea Carpark) • Henham Track • Mitchell Road • Redmans Track • Mount William Picnic Ground Road • Emmetts Road • Mafeking Road • Syphon Road (From Glenelg River Road to Sawmill Track) • Moora Track • Fields Track • Rosea Track • Homestead Track • Oslers Track • Mt Cassel Track • Chinamans Track • Sanders Track • Mt Dificult Road Campground & Site Closures • Bomjinna Campground • Kalymna Falls Picnic Area • Golton Gorge Picnic Area • Zumstein Area

Walking Track Closures • Wonderland Loop (Halls Gap to Wonderland Carpark) • Venus Baths • Splitter Falls • Bullaces Glen • Mount Rosea • MacKenzie Falls River Walk • Zumstein Area (All walks) • Tower Hill • Red Gum Loop • Bomjinna Track (From Bomjinna Campground to Mt William Carpark) • Brownings Loop (Mafeking) • Golton Gorge Loop • Tilwinda Falls • Major Mitchell Plateau • Fortress • Wonderland remote overnight hikes.

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