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Grampians Easter Update

What do I need to know to climb in the Grampians this weekend?

Where can I climb? All closures as noted previously are still in place. Please respect all bans in place. Take a copy of the map that show the SPA’s.

Enforcement can occur at the following key focus sites The Gallery Gondwanaland Millenium Billywing Buttress Billimina Area Little Hands Cave Cave of Man Hands Manja area

There have been questions from the community regarding regarding signage around the key focus sites in locations that aren’t noted as key focus sites. Parks Victoria has provided the following information in response to my queries –

What is scope of the blue squares area? ie does it just apply to the actual cliff as noted The Gallery? The blue dots indicate approximate locations where compliance activities will be occurring for rock climbing

What are the total number of signs pertaining to the 8 focus sites? In total, there are 11 signs installed in the Victoria Range SPA to identify the eight key locations where enforcement activities are occurring.

Are there 2 signs in place at each sign installation site? There is a minimum of one sign installed at each site. There are multiple entry points to some sites with some sites having lengthy approaches by walking. Where this is the case, additional signage has been installed. There are:

o Three signs at locations leading into Gondwanaland

o Three signs at locations leading into Manja Area

o Four signs at locations leading into The Gallery area

o One sign at Millennium

Does one of these signs at each installation site note the names of the key focus sites so that people are aware the fines only apply to those 8 focus sites? The names of the key focus sites are detailed on the signs so that park users are aware where compliance activities are occurring.

What can I do to protect the environment and respect Aboriginal cultural heritage?

Stick to tracks. Don’t create new ones.Be careful about vegetation on the way into or at the crag – be sure to place your gear and boulder mats on surfaces without plants. Don’t remove vegetation from climbs or boulders.Pack everything outThis includes your toilet waste! Or bury it at least 15 cm deep and 60m away from water sources.

If you are bush camping, make sure you camp in allowed areas only.Use chalk sparingly and brush off any chalk marks that you make. Avoid trying to remove built up chalk or bolts. Removal of both requires consultation and permits to ensure no damage occurs to possible environmental and cultural values.Lighting fires outside of official metal fireplaces, littering, interfering with Aboriginal cultural heritage such as rock art or any damage to rock faces such as drilling holes, cutting or removing vegetation are all offences under the National Parks Act and you can be fined.

What should I do if I’m approached by a ranger? Be an ambassador for climbing and stay friendly and curious about their concerns. Follow their directions.

What should I do if a ranger tells me to leave or asks my name and address? Under law they are entitled to do both if they have reasonable grounds to do these things. Ask for their reasons and comply with their requests. Ask for their name, repeatedly if necessary. Make a record of what happened and what was said. Get someone who was there to sign your it if possible. Let CliffCare know what happened and use Parks Victoria’s complaints process if you think you were wrongly told to move on or to identify yourself.

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