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FalconWatch – Nesting alerts

Generally from September to November is the Peregrine nesting season. There are a number of regular locations that the Peregrines nest at and two of these have now been confirmed with nesting activity. Please give these areas a wide berth. Climbing near and stressing out the birds can be a matter of life or death for their chicks.


30/09/13 – Falcon nesting(and swooping) at Harlequin Cracks and Beau Geste area Mt Arapiles.  Gets highly agitated. (This is a regular nesting area most years)

30/09/13 Kestrel now nesting near rap anchor at Cassandra.  This is her usual nesting place. Please stay away from this area

NOTE: There have also been sightings of Peregrines around the Tiger Wall area. Please keep an eye out and report an specific nesting sites.

Please check out the Falconwatch page here to understand why it is so important to be respectful of the birds nesting sites

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