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Access & Environment report Sept 2011

Updated: May 12, 2019

While the impacts of the January floods are far from over, at least some of the areas previously closed are now open. Northern Grampians can now share the load of visitors that it has been handling since it reopened not long after the floods. A list of the Grampians openings (as well as some still closed) are in this issue of Argus and don’t forget that you can keep up to date by visiting the CliffCare website.

The You Yangs also reopened on the 7th August. Extensive work has been done to many of the badly damaged tracks including those to a number of the climbing areas. I will be visiting the park soon to look at the work we will undertaking with the grant money we were successful with last year.

On the funding front, two new Community Group Grant submissions have been put in. The Pharos gully – to continue the stonework and the Burnley Bouldering Wall.This grant is for an access path across the gravel between the two walls, interpretive signage and bike racks. We should find out start of September whether we have been successful or not. And then its all hands on deck.

The Rock Adventure Centre at Geelong recently ran a movie night where proceeds from entry fee $60.00 were donated to CliffCare. Richard, the owner of the climbing gym then said that they would match the proceeds. So a grand total of $120 moves into the CliffCare funds. Brilliant work and huge thanks to Richard and the crew at the Rock Adventure Centre –Rear 403 (River End) Pakington St, Newtown Geelong. They have also had the CliffCare display set up in the gym so hopefully spreading the word a little further.

And its that time of year again. Next issue, I will announce the sponsors of the CliffCare raffle. Once again, a huge amount of prizes by great sponsors and I hope that all will get on board and sell some tickets. The money raised by the Raffle goes a huge way to ensuring CliffCares work can continue.

Interest in the CliffCare website and Facebook pages is going well. Make sure you add these to your favourites and subscribe to the blog. That way, you know as soon as info comes in on the cliffs – you’ve got it!

Safe Climbing to All,



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